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Right of passage

During last night's game of Monopoly, I introduced a new twist into the game: right of passage. Trading properties with other players always results in a hotel war, so I tried a new twist: instead of asking for large amounts of cash or trying to execute an imbalanced trade, I requested mutual right of passage: that is, neither of us pays the full rent on the property being traded; instead, only minimum rent will be charged.

It worked out spectacularly. The other player got a complete set, I had passage to one of the three hotels, and the game continued. As time passed, we both had several chances to exercise the new agreement. Near the end, I escaped a loss by landing on a space that couldn't charge me; while I lost, it was an unexpected reprieve.

The dynamic of last night's game was changed rather distinctly by the introduction of a new trade agreement. Give it a shot, the next time you find yourself playing Monopoly, and tell me how it goes. I'd love to hear about other variations out there, as well; the game's been around for a good chunk of a century, so there's probably a lot.


Normal part of monopoly for us.

But then, so is financing someone else's hotels and taking 50% of the cut. :P

But yes, it is a good way to get things moving.

You folks never tried the more interesting variant : Strip Monopoly?

Stu ;-)

Never thought of this but it does sound like a good idea. I'll have to try it.

Stumbled in looked around and it's a great place you have here. How did Stu find you first? He's everywhere.

I just play the banker and cheat.


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