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Missing persons geo-RSS feeds

After AccordionGuy posted this missing persons report, I realized that missing persons reports would be a wonderful application for geo-tagged RSS feeds.

If I could subscribe to all missing persons reports within 100 miles of me, odds are that I'd see at least one of them someday, identify them, and report it.

The Amber Alert system is a wonderful idea, intended to let citizens know about missing persons the instant something happens; I feel that providing tech-enabled citizens with an easy way to see missing persons reports relevant to their locality would be a highly beneficial activity for a non-profit to take over.

In the meantime, if you live in the Toronto vicinity, please click the link above and keep your eyes out; it's the most I can do from out here in the northwest.

A primary reason for having them in RSS is for syndication on other sites; if every government site included a picture of a random missing person, every time you hit a page on the site, there'd be a tremendous amount of exposure to human eyeballs -- and that's a very good thing.

The Missing Kids website has a rotating Java applet that displays 12 at a time.


What science project can i do to link to missing children?

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