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Intelligent media: FOAF my shiny metal ICBM

I've been working on my FOAF file for a couple of days now.  Thanks to observations and commentary from #RDFig and #foaf, I'm now advertising both my nearest airport and my current location using the right namespace.  The FOAF explorer found the geo tags, and is now showing the nice green button for each of the locations specified.  Yay!

The links for this have been added to the syndication sidebar, which also depicts the RSS 1.0 and 2.0 feed links; the 1.0 feed is significantly enhanced beyond the standard template version.

The blog's also been tagged with the ICBM coordinates of my hosting provider, so you can discover websites within a few miles.  I see some; time to make new friends.

I'm open to further suggestions as to things that would be useful to add to any of the feeds; feel free to leave comments, as well.

Update: Turning the archives HTML page into an RDF feed was a brilliant suggestions; thanks!  RSS 1.0 Archives.  Apparently this is useful to anotation?  The entire content of my blog is in that feed, along with comments, foaf, and trackback data.

Cool.  Please don't subscribe to it :)


Why does the FOAF explorer require a title? And why the particular title chosen?

Hm, I wasn't aware it required title.

Nope, it doesn't. Removed, thanks :) I copied my foaf file from Ben Hammersley, and never noticed.

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