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Creative domain licensing


Someone asked me if I knew of a creative commons no-copyright license; I wasn't able to give them an answer at the time, but I've followed up on it since.  Whoever asked, hope you're listening :)

It appears that the license I was looking for was the Creative Commons public domain.  It's not part of the radio button section of the license selection page, but if you look off to the right a bit, there's a link to it.

Apparently they keep it seperate because it's so distinctly different from the rest of the licenses; I suggested they add, say, "(that is, give up all copyright)" or somesuch to the page.

For the record, my content here at crystalflame is covered by the attribution license; I'm not much of a fan of the GPL-like viral sharing clause, though.


as you go through the creative commons license wizard, if you select none of the three potential restrictions, it suggests that you put it into the public domain.


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