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Why I'm an Acolyte of the Cult of Dean

Normally I'll have nothing to do with any sort of organized religion, as almost every one has an aggressive branch of proselytism. It's interesting, though; I've never been averse to being spiritual, to having faith in things, etc.

Howard Dean's found a way to proselytise without being rude: provide an open forum for people to congregate, and never waver from what's in his heart. I think this method works for anybody, but I've never seen anyone with the power to go for President realize this; it sounds like JFK might have been the last.

Interestingly, those are some of the core principles that we're discovering at the roots of this whole "blogging" thing; you cannot waver from the guidance of your heart, you must be honest and direct. The technological implementation of blogging is where we find the community-building, though; some provide comments, some provide forums, some link to others, some quote others.

The root principle is the same, though. He's following the course that's true to his beliefs, and inviting those who wish to walk with him to talk. He's actively trying to communicate, by doing whatever it takes to let people talk. In addition to the traditional press releases, he's tapping into every means of communication he can find in order to allow people to talk -- and that shows a respect for something higher than some campaign.

Given the reaction of the people (and myself) to Dean, it seems evident that a need has been growing for a certain kind of leader: someone who knows how to both speak and listen, with their heart for guidance. While the world of blogs has an incredible surfeit of these people, American society has very, very few. Dean has demonstrated that it's possible to make it in politics without allowing the corruption in; his campaign reminds the citizens in the trenches that it is possible, after all, for good people to succeed in politics without corruption.

Link: Garance Franke-Ruta wrote a wonderful article about how Dean is awaking in his followers a long-dead sense of faith; it's the trigger for this article; definitely worth reading.


I agree, but will he get elected is the big question.
That one guy who says "If you want automatic weapons, join the army", seems to have a chance.
But he shouldn't be encouraging people to join the army.

Nice site by the way.

Go Crys! and, nice comment you made on the Gary Wolf post, btw.

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