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Voice training with Demosthenes

My blogging has been modeled after the essays from Ender's Game, one of the more influential books I've known. The character I always identified with was Valentine: changing the woirld one essay at a time, driven by a purpose. Now with blogging I have a chance to feel that control, to know that I'm having some (admittedly tiny) effect on the world.

With services like LiveJournal, TypePad, and AOL Journal, everyone can. For the cost of a few bucks a month, you gain the chance of syndication at places you've only read news at like Slashdot or the BBC. Someone might notice what you're saying out there in the world, and like it. A few stay and listen; the rest smile (or frown) and move on.

I'm working on things that will allow those without money to access blogging, to have some small influence in things. A voice is a big gift to give to someone who feels they don't have one. Progress is slow, but I expect it won't be too long; all the parts are on the workbench, at least. It all may yet work out — and then something cool will happen.

AOL Journal brings in the potential of millions of new voices, and how the existing communities react to this will be the sociological event of the year; whether it happens or not, the ripples have already begun.

Update: Added url to book title. D'oh.


jane still holds a special place in my heart. i'm reading xenocide and i'm constantly wishing i knew where to start....

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