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Tablet programming

Forever jotting things down on paper napkins, it did not surprise me that Chris went for a pen-based PC. But his use of it is very interesting, namely that he finds it especially useful for mind-mapping during discussions. Chris uses the Windows Journal application to sketch the maps directly in digital ink, whereas the Mindjet software enables actual maps to be constructed that can be operated on and manipulated in many powerful ways (most of which I have yet to utilise except for the ability to transfer tasks to and from Outlook).

The hardware and software platforms for flowchart programming, provided in a nice, $4,000 bundle (if you can get a tablet, they seem to be rather popular). Rock on. I wonder how well it converts the drawings into structures, and if I can dangle VBA off of each structure. With VBA I can call Perl, I think, and then autobuild the VBA and the Perl through the VBA. The evil is complete.

However, they don't have support for Visio, and they don't have support for Macintosh. Oops. But it's a very nice dream, especially for the Windows folk out there. (And if one comes my way, I'd be thrilled to use review it :) This is a tablet's killer application.

In the meantime, there's always the option of doing it in POE.


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