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I'd like for MovableType to allow me to search and surround with an (and an ) tag all links matching a search term, and let me review each change on a big "yay/nay" change list. Then I could attach a list of links to that word, and share them between articles. That'd be pretty awesome.

You could do this by sucking the database down, doing a search & replace, and reuploading it; not wonderful, but it works.


Take an army of the recently-described feral hunting robots . To each robot, add a GPS chip and wireless mesh networking .

Give the people and dogs smart name tags , and have your dogs exchange your "business card" with the other smart name tags. Publish the FOAF url in it, so you can immediately check for compatibility and give the new information to the dogs.

Study the discovered FOAF files , each describing individual traits ("attributes").

Instruct the feral robots to find other people with compatible personalities , but to stay near you. They'll roam around, seeking people whose interests relate to yours.

For bonus points, add solar panels to generate power as it roams around, and electronic boundaries to keep it in safe areas, away from motor traffic.

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