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RSS feeds of doctorate theses

In my subscriptions today I found a link to a Purdue University M.S. thesis. I'd like to see many more of these, because they're all interesting to someone.

One way to do this would be with an RSS subscription consisting of theses submitted to the public by those seeking advancement in education would be a wonderful reading list, especially in NetNewsWire; I can leave it subscribed for 9 months of the year while it's silent, set their feed to only let me check once every so often (supporting 304 Not Modified) — and now those in college find people listening, and discussing, things that they publish. It's so much more accessible than the usual publication route; blogging is cheaper, for each individual carryiing part of the burden, and in exchange we all hear each other's voices, and say our mind.

That's true intellectual freedom, in a way; with the advent of hosting services like TypePad, LiveJournal, AOL Journal and several smaller ones, combined with a safe public terminal, you can achieve true anonymity — something the Internet sees rarely these days. Find an ISP run by a friend, as most will happily anonymize your traffic logs to remove all trace of your passage.

Update: Thanks to #joiito for a link to theses.org, an online collection of theses from many sources.

Link: blog.edu


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