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Enforcing a balance

It burns in my heart that we spent on any offensive military action what we could have spent in education instead. Many former students of the current system come out doubtful of the current political system's ability to ever help them, permanently disillusioned in their leaders' ability to care about the people.

I have found a voice to describe how I feel about Iraq, in 20 days in spring (thanks). The budgets for next year's students are traded for the costs of humanity elsewhere — but how can we help others when we're so unable to help ourselves? The world has no further desire for our form of help, now, so perhaps we'll be left to heal our broken country instead.

I propose a budgetary enforcement that military spending not exceed human services spending, per year. There must be an equal and fair allocation of these resource, something that seems to be lacking in today's dwindling school budgets and world-spanning military. An amendment, of sorts, designed to enforce that which we hold dear: the people of the country itself.

I feel that it's urgently time to take care of ourselves, to reduce our military action, and to work on repairing some of the flaws within our society: the trend towards a lack of emotional intelligence, the lack of interest in a damaged education system, hanging on a thread near collapse with no budget in sight.


Jeez.. you sound like you've been victimized.

It amazes me how people from all over the world can find their way to America, (undoubtedly the greatest, republic in written history) and manage to achieve the "American Dream" and provide a better life for their kids with nothing but hard work and a desire to be better.

This country was made great individules, not social programs. I can garuntee you, the people of IRAQ are jubilant at their liberation and will adjust to freedom just like France, Germany, and Japan. Don't start moaning about our losses or the dead civilians. Freedom my is not free.

Would you have just left the people in the north and south of Iraq to die at the hands of a despot like Sadam? Where is your compasion for an enslaved population?

In case you're liberal education did not cover the constitution, The government is not here to make your life easy. The republic by the people for the people is here to provide a stable, free, environment in which, you have the right to pursue happiness. A pretty novel idea hey?

Your knee jerk response to blame the government and expect them to solve your problems is at the root of the evil liberlisam that lead thousands of American's into povery, subsisting on government programs, while imigrants whith nothing but their own desire and hard work prospered.

Stop whining and volenteer at the local elementry or better yet, join the peace corp. and take a look at how the rest of the world lives.

Lead, follow, or get out of the way.

I appreciate your comments, and thanks for taking the time to reply. I've been looking into the Geekcorps program as a possible way to discover the world in a fashion that uses my existing skills most effectively; I'll take your suggestion into consideration.

May I comment?

I find myself torn down the middle. In the beginning I was anti-war, but seeing all those liberated Iraqis changed my mind a little. I don't think there is anything we cannot solve with peace, but I suppose sometimes war is necessary to prove to a point (see: American Revolution)....but is it really? War seems to be the result when one side is reasonable but the other is not.

Personally, I think the argument between liberals and conservatives is pointless; a circle of bickering, and sometimes outright hate. Anybody who speaks out against the war (former war I should say, since it's over) "should be tried and convicted of treason"- or so I've heard. But didn't our founding fathers technically commit treason against England when we declared our independence so many years ago?

Sorry for getting off on a tangent...schools are closing up left and right here at home. LCC's tuition keeps going up, making it more and more difficult for students to get a badly-needed education. I really do think that our president has his mind and his heart in the wrong places. Thanks for the food-for-thought.

i want a chance to work in iraq

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